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Our one and only focus is to serve our clients, saving them time and money on their construction projects.

We are our client’s independent representation that provides an unbiased, uninfluenced, review of project documents.

Our one business is plan review and that’s what we do day in and day out.

Let Plan Check be your Certified Bluebeam Instructor. We can come to you and train your office staff on how to utilize Bluebeam for the digital plan review process.

As a pioneer of the digital plan review process utilizing Bluebeam software, Plan Check has Bluebeam Certified Instructors (BCI) that can assist in training your office staff. We offer a Bluebeam Certified Training (BCT) curriculum and can customize trainings to suit your staff’s needs. Check back for our most recent announcements for upcoming Bluebeam Certified Training dates and follow our blog to view for useful Bluebeam tutorials and more. To download a free trial version of Bluebeam software or to purchase the program, please visit their site http://www.bluebeam.com


As we all begin to navigate the slow return to normal life after a year of the unprecedented aftermath of  COVID 19, Plan Check’s remote, digital, code and constructability reviews have never been in higher demand. Coordinating plan sets in a fragmented setting when individuals are used to coordinating face to face in a shared office environment has proven to be very challenging for many firms in the industry.  More and more architectural firms are relying heavily on Plan Check to help them ensure they are putting out the highest caliber plans possible. Owners are facing building material delays and shortages along with skyrocketing material costs causing budgets to be slashed and tightened significantly. Because of this tidal wave of cost overruns and building material supply issues, owners are relying on us to save them time and money, to ensure the plans they are building are coordinated and constructable. We are finding the need for outside, unbiased, interdisciplinary coordination and constructability reviews to be essential for producing on time, on budget, high quality construction projects right now.

Plan Check Professionals, Inc. is able to organize and expedite your plan review process. This also holds true for code consultation and review as well.  Many firms and institutions are accustomed to mapping out code rationale on complicated projects with in-house staff. With the pandemic, in many instances this has not been feasible.  We are able to seamlessly come alongside the Design Team to clarify and  expedite the code rationale for a project. We are also able to provide expert, independent, code review for all disciplines at various phases quickly and remotely while increasing collaboration through our digital process.

Plan Check is here to help! Contact us today for solutions.