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Plan Check Professionals provides Code reviews, proofreading and Quality Control services to the construction industry nationwide.

Building Code Review Checklist


In addition to the constructability plan check that our staff provides,  we  also provide expert, independent, code review and consultation  for all disciplines at various phases quickly and remotely while increasing collaboration through our digital process. Plan Check Professionals, Inc. is able to organize and expedite your code  plan review process. Communication and coordination between disciplines is very important for continuity of elements in the building from a code perspective. Detailed components of the building need to work together in order to keep building occupants safe. The pandemic has made the development of coordinated plans a challenge for many offices that are used to working in person, side by side. Our professionals are able to quickly review and assess a set of plans to ensure that the project is fully code compliant and safe.  Many Developers, Owners, Construction Managers, and Design Professionals rely on Plan Check Professionals  to provide  them with this crucial information. If review after-the-fact is not what your project needs, we offer  code consultation as well. We are able to seamlessly come alongside the Design Team during the early stages of design  (or any phase) to clarify and  expedite the code rationale for a project. So many firms are designing complicated projects that don’t fall into black and white code categories and are attempting to plan the code rationale with simple building code review checklists. Our staff excels at providing clarity for these complicated project types, that in many cases, require prescriptive design. Plan Check’s expert staff will help navigate  the code rationale on complicated projects with in-house staff.

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