How Bluebeam can help collaboration with a remote team


With the current health pandemic our country is experiencing, many offices have had to resort to allowing their staff to work remotely from their homes. This is exactly where Bluebeam software can help your office with your all your collaborative projects. Bluebeam software provides the AEC industry solutions for online document and design collaboration which successfully focuses on the integrity of the document and authors of its markups. The convenience, ease of use and collaboration that was lacking for design professionals and stakeholders in our industry has been solved with this cloud-based software. Plan Check utilizes Bluebeam Software every day for our digital plan reviews allowing all stakeholders a collaborative, real time approach to ensuring quality construction drawings saving everyone time and money. Bluebeam allows you to collaborate, comment, mark up, and manage your projects in PDF documents in real-time using Studio Sessions, or individually at any time while the Session is active. The markup activity is traced in the Record that conveniently links back to the Session PDFs and contains a built-in chat feature that assists communication during the collaboration Session. We hope you are utilizing this software to command all your collaborative projects. If your staff needs training on this software, contact us today. We have a certified Bluebeam Instructor on staff that can come to you or run a Zoom meeting to help your office sharpen up their Bluebeam skills and familiarity with the software. We are also here for all your Plan Review needs. Contact us today to request a quote.