How to place a stamp on a set of documents using just a few clicks…

Placing a stamp on just a few pages is relatively simple in Bluebeam.  However, in our industry we typically find large drawing sets containing 200-1000 or more pages, Bluebeam allows a one click functionality that allows us to place our stamp on all pages in a set in the same space chosen.  Below are a few easy steps on how to do it…

First, open up the document you want to place the stamp on in Bluebeam.  Next, go to Tools>Stamps

Once have selected stamps, select the stamp you want to place on your document and place it in the spot you want it to show up on all the drawings sheets.

Once your stamp is place, select the stamp and right click on it and select the option towards the bottom of the list that says “Apply to all pages”.

You have now added that stamp to all of the pages in the set in the location you placed the initial stamp.  Simple!

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