Fire/Life Safety Review & Consultation

Our one business is Plan Review and that’s what we do day in and day out.

Plan Check has industry leading staff members that will work to facilitate Code reviews for your projects. Our firm is called in on large, complicated projects and smaller projects and renovations to review for, consult with, and assist Building Officials and Fire Marshals and to assist and augment Campus Engineers, Architects, Plan Reviewers and Project Managers. Not only does Plan Check excel in more “typical” code plan review occurring at normal construction document milestones, we also have become many UC Campus’s source for on-going code council/ Owner’s code representation on complicated design/ build projects where very little meets “standard” black or white code definitions.

This is where Plan Check shines and is able to expedite approval, reduce bog down, and make the difficult job of the complex projects easier. We do the heavy lifting to bring clarity and expedite the plan review of projects. Plan Check funnels down the issues, advising our clients and saving he or she the “busy” work. We provide comprehensive code and constructability review, are easily accessible for questions and collaboration. We document all comments and responses throughout the process.

To augment to our expert Fire Life Safety services, Plan Check has become a leader in the use and implementation of the Digital Plan Review process. Digital Plan Review allows Plan check to quickly and seamlessly collaborate easily with our clients, engage all stakeholders, expedite the process, and ensure intense quality control. We are a versatile company that will work within each of our client’s requirements and processes.

Plan Check is here to help! Contact us today for a quote today.