PC Associates provides constructability and coordination plan reviews utilizing the RemedyCheck® system. RemedyCheck® is a systematic, interdisciplinary plan checking process designed to identify errors and omissions between the various engineers’ and the architect’s plans and between the plans and the specifications.

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Design standards are developed and utilized by many agencies with multiple construction projects. The construction design standards may consist of guideline design documents, technical specifications, and detail drawings to be used in the design and construction of new and remodeled buildings and infrastructure. PC Associates can verify that design standards are followed in the contract documents.

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Constructability and Coordination

Can the project be constructed the way that it is drawn? Does everyone show the same features in the same place? And the same size? Does everything fit?

Building Design and Construction Review

Does the project meet minimum requirements for structural safety? Fire and life safety? ADA accessibility? Sustainability and “green” ordinances?

Construction Project Review FAQ’s

Don’t the design professionals already check their plans? Why should I pay an independent 3rd party to check their work? Doesn’t BIM find all of the problems?