Interdisciplinary Coordination & Constructablity Review

Our professional, experienced, detail oriented staff saves you time and money.

Plan Check Professionals, Inc. is uniquely qualified to assist in peer reviews, Interdisciplinary coordination/constructability reviews, code reviews and management of the digital plan review process for any project type or size. Plan Check has industry leading staff members that will work with you and your staff to facilitate reviews for your projects. Our firm is called in on large, complicated projects to save our clients time and money. Our primary staff are all licensed professionals ranging from Architects, Engineers, Building Officials, Fire Marshals, CASp Access specialists ICC certified, and General Contractors. On every project at Plan Check, the experienced eyes of these individuals review their respective disciplines and then review across disciplines doing the coordination cross check that so often has not been done prior to issuance of construction documents. Ours is a multi-layered approach. There is a redundancy built into our system and it’s this check and re-check that makes Plan Check stand out as the industry’s most thorough plan review company. We’ve been around to see the transitions from hand drawing to AutoCAD to BIM and Revit – and have seen the need for what we do increase, not decrease. Our team pours though the documents for every item that will save our clients time and money. This is what our team has done for the past 28 years – and we do it very well.


Our innovative Digital Plan Review allows Plan Check Professionals to collaborate easily with our clients, engage all stakeholders, expedite the process, and ensure intense quality control. We are a versatile company that will work within your guidelines and format. We have multiple offices and are always accessible for meetings, conference calls, web meetings, etc.

Our track record speaks for itself– through our review and reports, we easily save our clients 3-30 times our fee in change orders that can be prevented. Many Private Clients, Universities and Government Agencies over the years have relied on Plan Check to provide thorough, comprehensive, plan review and facilitate the plan review process on projects large and small. Try us, let us show you how our services can enhance, streamline and ease your budget on all your projects.

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