Constructability Review Process

The Constructability Review Process

The constructability review process has to be thorough enough to make sure that costly errors are found and avoided before the contractor finds them during construction.  The best way to achieve that thoroughness is a rigorous step by step checklist system that assures that nothing is overlooked, combined with a constructability review format that is user friendly and simple to read for both project owners, construction managers and the design professionals.  Properly put together, the constructability review format ensures that all disciplines talk to each other and can resolve the issues before they hold up construction in the field. This requires a meticulous process by staff with the same mindset.

PC Associates uses a methodical constructability review checklist process called RemedyCheck®.  It allows our clients to be certain that every aspect of their project is being reviewed by an expert.  Our constructability review process has allowed us to build up a reputation (since 1990) for being extremely thorough in our reviews and for catching errors.  By dividing up the final report by disciplines, the constructability review format is easier to navigate for the client.  The redundancy built into the system ensures that problems are caught from many different angles.

Constructability Review

The constructability review formats we use involve a PreView (35% complete), an OverView (50-65% complete) and a ReView (90-95% complete).  Any combination of these progressive reviews is can be provided as the construction document process evolves.  As with any report, finding the errors is only part of the solution.

Final Phase of Constructability Review Process

The final phase of the constructability review process is the Resolution Check. Verification that the problems that were found have actually been resolved in the documents is crucial. Our constructability review format ensures that our clients have a way of tracking how conflicts and other issues were resolved.

Having a systematic constructability review process also ensures that timelines are predictable and that results are consistent. This has helped us to become an industry leader in terms of providing accurate, reliable and verifiable information for our clients during the review process for their construction projects very quickly. The right construction project review process can ensure that money isn’t lost to disastrous mistakes.