PC Associates – Who We Are

PC Associates is a group of seasoned architects, engineers and contractors embracing new technologies while utilizing decades of practical construction knowledge obtained in the field. Founded in 1990 and restructured as a 100% WBE in 2010, PC Associates focus has always been to assist both the project owners and the design professionals in reducing change orders and time delays using their proprietary constructability and interdisciplinary coordination methodology – RemedyCheck®. Proofreading works – guaranteed.

Our Philosophy

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.
Ayn Rand

I’m not a genius. I’m just a tremendous bundle of experience.
Richard Buckminster Fuller

The reality of what is (and isn’t) in construction documents can bite. Experienced proofreaders provide reality checks instead.
Michelle Pettit

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Do you have an eye for detail when it comes to plans and specifications? Do you enjoy ferreting out coordination issues, missing information and other potential constructability problems? Have credentials in your area of expertise? Are you extremely disciplined and prefer telecommuting? See if you are right for our team.

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PC Associates is the only independent plan checking company to offer a complete line of plan reviews with all disciplines under one roof. PC Associates’ complete in-house capabilities provide the fastest, most accurate, and cost effective (based on reduction of change orders) method of ensuring that your construction documents give the contractor the information needed to build your project quickly and economically.
Meet Our Management Team

Nichole Plahy, AIA, LEED AP


As President of Plan Check Professionals, Ms. Plahy is an architect with years of construction related experience in the school and public works arena. Her specialties include project management, production management, quality control, construction administration and business operations. She tracks work with the clients, from plan review start-up through debriefing after project construction.  Ms. Plahy’s technical capabilities are enhanced by  various certifications and a general building contractor’s license. . Responsible for projects from concept through construction as both the designer and the contractor, Ms. Plahy’s experience is  indispensible for understanding how drawings and specifications must clearly delineate to the contractor both design intent and execution.   In charge of research and development, she constantly looks for methods of improving the RemedyCheck® format in order to better serve our clients.


Judy Williams

Vice President

Ms. Williams’ intuitive, business-minded nature along with her psychology degree enhances her ability to market our services and listen to our clients – to find out what they truly need and want in order to make their construction projects run as smoothly as our services. Her expertise in all aspects of running the business side of Plan Check Professionals stems from learning the nature of our services from the ground up. She runs day to day business operations; overseeing all aspects of contracts, proposals/RFP’s, certifications, accounting, to utilizing Bluebeam software to distribute drawings and specifications to our reviewers, uploading and downloading documents from FTP sites, exporting reports when completed, and assembling plan review reports,  Judy’s understanding and knowledge of the entire process is the oil that keeps the PC Associates’ machine running smoothly.