The Original RediCheck / ReadyCheck Process

The concept behind the original RediCheck / ReadyCheck process was to provide architects and engineers with a multidiscipline checklist and overlay system for reviewing their construction plans for interdisciplinary coordination.  The systemic review process was developed by Bill Nigro when he was with the US Navy and is for New Construction projects.  While utilizing his checklists initially, we soon discovered that we needed to modify them.  The industry was rapidly changing and constructability issues needed to be added.  We also found we needed different checklists for different construction project types:  new, remodel/modernization and additions.  Thus RemedyCheck was born.

By incorporating the use of RediCheck / ReadyCheck concepts in our review process and combining them with Constructability generated concerns, PC Associates is able to help our clients discover both problem areas which occur due to the lack of coordination among design disciplines, look for common errors and omissions and verify details for that “can you actually build it that way” factor.  If the design office does not discover such errors during the preparation of contract documents, the contractor almost assuredly will, and at the most inopportune time.  Work stops, change orders are filed, and project costs soar.  At PC Associates, we believe the RemedyCheck system best helps manage the “crack” realm as part of the solution — or provide a remedy — to the problem, assisting the designer in catching issues that when caught in the field, are often described as having “fallen through the cracks”.

PC Associates’ enhancements to the RediCheck / ReadyCheck system has garnered us a great reputation in the industry for being very thorough at what we do. Our techniques have evolved over the years and have proven to be incredibly efficient – they catch most any imaginable error within a few weeks – and before they becomes larger issues. If you’re interested in learning more about the evolution of RediCheck /ReadyCheck system, contact PC Associates and we can tell you all about how it can benefit your project.