The Need for a Constructability Review Firm

A constructability review firm is the best assurance that a very complex and large project can be constructed on schedule. The best kept secret in the industry is that these firms can look at the construction documents for a project and verify that everything proposed can actually be built.  A 3rd party plan check is the best way to have a fresh set of eyes find the issues that the Design Team and the Construction Managers don’t see – they are just too close to it.

A constructability review firm starts by making certain that all of the information provided for the proposed construction is complete.  Looking for omissions is just as important as looking for conflicts in the documents.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) won’t find those omissions.  In addition, a 3rd party plan check looks at structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and other building systems to verify coordination with architectural systems and hunts for clashes.  The seasoned staff at a constructability review firm can make the judgment calls (is it really a problem?) that the software cannot. By using the right tools to verify constructability, the 3rd party plan check can make sure that there aren’t nasty surprises waiting for you when you get your construction project review underway.

A constructability review firm like PC Associates can help verify that all of the plans and specifications proposed for your building are ready for building design and the construction.  3rd Party Plan Check is all PC Associates does.  It’s not just a sideline – it’s all we do.