Constructability Review Template

Constructability Review

Not everyone in charge of a construction project, from engineers to architects, is going to take to the undertaking of a complex constructability review very well. A checklist provides the first step in making this complex task easier and ensuring that nothing important is missed in performing a constructability review. Different constructability review checklists should also be used for different project types.  New construction project review has different issues compared to modernization, remodeling and additions.  A constructability review checklist also provides the project owner and design team with an executive summary outlining the overall coordination and constructability of the project documents.

Constructability Review template

The constructability review template allows those involved with the project to easily review basic document requirements and to make sure that they’ve been coordinated. The constructability review template also provides an easy way to go through the myriad of details involved with the building’s construction in a very methodical manner. There are some limitations to these tools, however.

The constructability review checklists can’t possibly cover every aspect of a project. They’re great for keeping things on track, but they’re not as detailed as an experienced and independent set of eyes. For those individuals working on the project who function more in terms of large concepts than exacting details, however, they’re great tools. Using a constructability review checklist keeps the project on track enough that an independent review can concentrate on the finer details, making the final review even more thorough and detailed.

Putting together a review based on a constructability review template ensures consistency. The constructability review checklist ensures that all major trouble spots are reviewed and that communication is streamlined. Contact PC Associates for more information about checklists and reviews that will best keep your project on track.