Getting a Thorough Constructability Review Analysis

A constructability review analysis can ensure that your project can be put out to bid and constructed with a minimum of Addendums and RFIs due to errors and omissions in the construction documents.  Thoroughness is critical.  Even what appears to be a relatively minor issue can blow up to something big and costly if it’s repeated hundreds of times!  A constructability review report is the tool that documents what issues can cause problems in the field and how the A/E resolved those issues.  A final constructability review analysis, however, provides you with an executive summary of what the report has detailed out – in easy to understand terms.


The constructability review analysis brings together the collective expertise of the review team who make certain that there are suggestions, where possible, that can help you stay on schedule and within budget during construction. Constructability review reports are available at different phases during the design process. If you want a fresh set of eyes to do a constructability review analysis on your plans as they evolve, PC Associates can accommodate you.

Complex projects require diligent review and that is exactly what we offer our clients. If you need to have a constructability review analysis done on a project, contact us for information regarding pricing and review schedules. Our process is very thorough but our experience and methodology with projects large and small ensures that we can get your plans reviewed in a timely fashion.  A constructability review report is the most cost effective way to make certain that there aren’t unforeseen problems buried in your project documents.