Constructability Review Guidelines

Following Acceptable Constructability review guidelines

Constructability review guidelines have to be set up in a way to ensure that the client’s best interests are always represented. Constructability review best practices give clients the best review for their dollars by having the most complete construction documents for the review process. Complete documents allows for the most detailed analysis of the plans possible. Constructability review guidelines should also be flexible enough however to accommodate different aspects and phases of the project in a way that is most appropriate for a particular client or project.

Constructability review best practices begin with making certain that every aspect of the building and integration of all systems are taken into account. At PC Associates, our reviews start out by utilizing an appropriate checklist compiled over the years and updated as the industry changes.  This checklist consists of the most common areas for misunderstandings and mis-coordination in construction documents. These constructability review guidelines ensure that nothing is missed and the jig saw puzzle we call a building can be put together.  That’s why constructability review best practices must also have built into them some redundancy in order to catch issues from many different angles.

When conducting reviews at different phases of the construction documentation, we are able to make sure that we review all of the various aspects of the construction more than once and that we notice any changes that are made that may inadvertently become a problem. Consistent constructability review best practices ensure that PC Associates’ clients get the highest levels of service. We also ensure that there is a minimum chance of any project being held up by field alterations because of issues that weren’t noticed beforehand.

If you need more information about our constructability review guidelines, contact PC Associates about your project. We can demonstrate to you how we adhere to constructability review best practices and how our clients benefit from that as well as our expertise. You’ll also find that the level of expertise we bring to the table ensures that the “bugs”, “landmines” or whatever you want to call them are found. Every aspect of your building construction project is reviewed thoroughly, precisely and meticulously.