Construction Project Review Checklist

Construction Design Review Checklist

Don’t you think the beginning of a new construction project is an exciting time? But that excitement can rapidly change to dissatisfaction and even turn into a source of conflict if there are errors and disparities in the construction documents. Preparing a construction project checklist takes some effort but will save both time and money over the long haul. PC Associates provides you the best conceivable opportunity for success with the help of their advanced system that will identify those costly blunders during before construction finding and providing the opportunity to avoid them before being noticed by the contractor.

Construction Project Checklist

PC Associates : the Plan Check people-stands for a multidisciplinary design and construction professional group that utilizes a construction project review checklist to locate “bugs” or “land-miles”during the building design and pre-construction phases.These errors and omissions between the construction design and specifications need to be removed before they lead to costly construction change orders.The team of experts at PC Associates has developed a unique plan checking system that has for decades provided clients with a reliable method to identify potential faults prior to the construction and building phases. Being able to provide instant and accurate results with a remedy for the problem, we named it theRemedyCheck® system.

TheRemedyCheck® system includes preparing a project review checklist during different stages of the design process. And on the basis of this detailed construction project review checklist performed at different milestones,a tight set of construction documents can be reality by using our progressive quality control system to find and fix those potentially costly errors. We have categorized the construction project review process into three phases:

Phase Role
1)      Preview(35 – 50% Complete) During the first phase, the experts examine the progress construction plans carefully as it is easier to fix major interferences and constructability issues at this point. Also, they look for accessibility and life safety issues alongside preparatory constructability and can prevent costly re-design later.
2)      Overview(85- 90% Complete) Completed at this phase of construction documents, the review aims to identify the finer constructability and coordination issues by reviewing the architecture, the structure and all the engineering plans and specs all at once by a single multidisciplinary team.
3)      Review(90-95% Complete) A Resolution Check is the final phase of the constructability review process and is  conducted at this late phase of construction documents. The process makes sure that all the issues and bugs that were found have been removed and resolved successfully. In addition to this, our construction project review checklist format is designed in a way that our clients have a way of tracking how those conflicts and errors were actually resolved.

PC Associates construction project review gives a thorough examination of construction documents for potential errors, omissions, bugs and conflicts that, without early resolution, will certainly increase the cost of construction. For more information about our constructability review guidelines, consult PC Associates for your project building design and construction review.