Building Code Review Checklist

Building Code Review Services

Getting a handle on the building design code review is a vital part of making certain that there are no surprises at the final stages of developing construction documents for agency review, bidding and construction.  A building design and construction plans review for code compliance requires that the company performing that review has the staff and resources required to make certain that everything proposed is up to the minimum standards required by the governing authorities. Modern building codes are complex – not every decision is cut and dried, right or wrong.  There are choices along the way that can send you down different paths for exiting, maximum allowable areas, building design and construction types, etc.  The decision making of the Design Team must be verified for compliance and it’s imperative that the company you work with knows and understands both the letter and the intent of the building code.

Building Design and Construction Review

A building code review needs to include all of the design disciplines. The architectural fire/life safety and accessibility elements are intertwined with structural safety.  Mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements are also intertwined not only with each other, but with the new Green building codes.  One cannot review one discipline without the others.


The proper building design and construction review plans requires a tangible product at the end of the process in order to insure accountability. To that end, our clients are provided with an electronic report that coordinates with marked up electronic plans.  Together they provide the whole picture of what complies and what does not – based on the design assumptions presented to our review team.  The report provides space for the design team to record solutions to code issues. In situations where a remedy can be recommended – it will be. You’ll have follow up access to all of the assistance you need in understanding any aspect of the building code review and evaluating potential solutions to issues.

Starting a new construction project without having a building code review can set you up for disaster. Even if you are your own governing authority, it’s always good to get a second opinion – especially if reviewing building plans isn’t what you do every day. While you may not notice elements of your design that are not up to the minimum standards required by state, federal or local authorities, the inspectors most certainly will notice – and usually at the inopportune time. PC Associates review team will give you a conservative opinion so that there are no surprises.  Even if you go with a more liberal approach, you have time to build your case.