Inspector Of Record

PC Associates offers California Division of State Architect Inspection of Record services. Our Division of State Architect Inspectors (DSA IORs) serve public K-14 clients in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. PC Associates offers Class 1, 2 and 3 IORs. See DSA requirements below.


Buildings or additions over 2000 square feet that utilize materials other than wood frame shear walls (e.g. masonry or concrete shear walls, steel braced frames, concrete or steel moment-resisting frames, etc.) as the primary lateral load resisting structural system.

Substantial structural alterations to the gravity and/or lateral load resisting system described above.


All buildings or additions over 2000 square feet that utilize wood shear walls as the primary lateral-load resistive system. Projects may be single or multi-level, not limited as to floor area, and may contain incidental masonry, concrete and/or structural steel construction (e.g. gravity load carrying columns and beams). Buildings may also have isolated exceptions to the lateral load resistive system requirements (for example, a single steel braced frame).

Buildings or additions under 2000 square feet in floor area that have primary lateral-load resistive systems utilizing concrete, masonry or steel construction. A single story masonry building of under 7000 sf, with a regular configuration (refer to C.B.C. Section 1629A.5.2) and wood-frame roof may be considered as a Class 2 structure.

Two-story relocatable building projects, utilizing shop-fabricated building frames.
Alteration, modernization and reconstruction projects that exceed the limitations of the Class 3 scope of work, but do not include substantial structural alterations to structural systems of concrete, steel or masonry.

Non-building structures that exceed the limitations of the Class 3 scope of work.


Buildings or additions of wood frame single-story construction, with conventional (spread footing) concrete foundations and a total floor area less than 2000 square feet. Structures must utilize wood-frame shear walls as the primary lateral-load resistive system. The project may include isolated steel or concrete elements (e.g. steel or concrete columns).

Structural alteration projects limited to wood-frame single story construction. Large alteration projects involving significant changes to a majority of the lateral load resisting elements of a building may be classified as a Class 2 project. When deemed appropriate by DSA, alterations to (or addition of) isolated steel, masonry or concrete elements may be included in Class 3 projects.

Alteration and modernization projects that are non-structural, such as electrical, mechanical and/or plumbing work, disabled access features, and site improvement work.

Non-building structures, such as signs and poles less than 35′ height, bleachers with a maximum 5 rows of seats, walls less than 10′ height above grade, single-story canopies less than 200 square feet horizontal projected area.

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