PC Associates provides constructability and coordination document plan reviews utilizing the RemedyCheck® system.RemedyCheck® is a systematic, interdisciplinary plan checking process designed to identify errors and omissions between the engineer’s and architect’s plans and between the plans and the specifications.

Errors and omissions statistically account for more than 50 percent of all change orders (with the balance due normally to unforeseen or differing site conditions as well as variances in user & code requirements). PC Associates’ unique RemedyCheck®system has been providing owners with a reliable method for locating problems before they cause costly construction changes.RemedyCheck® utilizes plan check techniques first developed by the U.S. Navy and is augmented by guidelines published by the American Consulting Engineers Council and the American Institute of Architects.

PC Associates offers constructability and coordination review of plans and specifications at various phases in the design process. Our sequential quality control system relies on detailed checklists, overlays of all drawings and field experienced staff to catch potentially costly errors. The PreView, OverView and ReView are designed to provide the appropriate plan review for the design phase.


Performed when the project is in the schematic to design development phases (when changes are easier to make, includes code assessments for fire/life safety, exiting and access along with preliminary constructability.


Completed at the 50 to 60 percent phase of construction documents, it is primarily for finding major constructability and coordination issues, along with checking preliminary code compliance resolutions.


Conducted at the 90 to 100 percent phase of Construction Documents, our proven final cross check and coordination review of plans and specifications as well as a final constructability review that has built PC Associates’ reputation in the industry for thoroughness.