Meet Our Technical Team

PC Associates’ in-house professional technical team is trained and skilled in all areas of design, engineering and construction coordination, constructability and code compliance. The ability of our team members to look at construction documents from ALL sides of the table – the designer’s, the contractor’s and the code official’s — gives the greatest assurance of a thorough plan review. Meet our diverse team.

Steven Sheppard, PE, SE

A structural engineer with a BS in Civil Engineering with Structural Emphasis from Gonzaga University in Spokane WA, Steve is licensed as a structural engineer in California and Nevada. He is dedicated to structural safety issues, especially in how to put the theories into practice. A design is only as good as how it is detailed and executed in the construction documents. While expert in utilizing software tools such as EnerCalc, Bentley Structural System (RAM), RISA, AutoCAD and BIM Modeling, his design and review experience with steel, concrete and timber structures includes educational facilities, multi-family structures, hotels, healthcare, civic, commercial and office buildings. Steve also provides materials testing review, systems coordination, damage assessments, field repair investigations, retrofit and new design expertise.

John Bonnici, Architect

A registered architect in California with a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona, John’s hands on experience from the days of hand drawing production through CAD brings a practical approach to the art and science of construction documents. With an attitude developed while mentoring both contractors and up and coming architects, he approaches construction as a collaborative effort and knows what can easily confuse a contractor in the field. John’s experience in the field as a quality control inspector coupled with years as a project architect in the office make him an expert in constructability issues. John’s background includes a diversity of project types from military, institutional, hospitality, commercial, mixed use and site planning/grading and includes all construction types and materials.

Matt Szlachetka, PE, LEED AP

A registered Professional Engineer in California with a Master of Science in Heating, AC, Air Protection and Thermal Waste Utilization from the Cracow University of Technology in Poland coupled with additional study in Plumbing and HVAC Systems from the University of California Los Angeles, Matt is PC Associates Mechanical and Plumbing Specialist. His thorough understanding of both constructability and code requirements related to these systems paired with his technical background in construction document production results in extremely accurate crosschecks between disciplines. Matt has a comprehensive knowledge of the DOE Federal Energy Code, California’s Title 24 Energy requirements and the model code requirements which often have architectural implications. Matt’s background includes institutional projects such as aerospace and Air Force facilities, prisons, hospitals and educational complexes.

Rebecca Hawranik, Architect

A registered architect in New York with a BS in Building Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY, Rebecca takes pride in her eye for detail in the construction documents. She spent 15 years of her career with a single firm specializing in educational facilities. From programming thru construction documents and contract administration, coordination between her work and that of her engineering consultants was integral to the success of any project. This mindset has been the perfect fit for PC Associates mission – verifying that everyone is on the same page and the details can actually be built. Rebecca also serves as PC Associates “cold weather” construction expert.

Katherine Hubert, LEED AP

An HVAC contractor in California, Kathy switched to Commissioning and Constructability Reviews as a means of getting clients fully functional Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing systems in their facilities that actually matched the design intent. She has a passion for details and her approach involves finding solutions that are cost effective, energy efficient and integrated with all other disciplines’ aspects of the building – the basics of constructability. Kathy also serves as PC Associates’ Green Codes and Sustainability expert.

Brian Carter, Certified Electrician

For 16 years, Brian worked his way up in the electrical trade from apprentice to field superintendent and estimator on a variety of project types including hospitals, high rise office buildings, parking structures, schools, libraries, and commercial retail complexes. Most recently, Brian has served as electrical quality control manager and safety coordinator for a regional children’s hospital. His extensive practical experience means Brian knows all of the common trouble spots in the documents for constructability issues. His code reviews are both enhanced and tempered by his hands-on approach and knowledge.

Cheryl Owens, General Building Contractor, Earthwork and Paving Contractor

A licensed general building, earthwork and paving contractor, Cheryl has spent over 30 years in the construction industry primarily providing land leveling, earthmoving, excavating, grading, trenching, paving and surfacing work for schools, hospitals, office buildings and large commercial projects. She has a sharp eye for land forms that will experience drainage issues along with the myriad of piping that runs underneath the land’s surface. Cheryl expertly cross references information found on civil plans with that of the architectural, electrical and plumbing site plans, including inverts and elevations, seeking out conflicts.

Deryl Redden, Architect

A registered architect in Oklahoma, California, Arizona and Texas with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma, Deryl also is certified as a California Division of the State Architect Class 2 Inspector (provides full time inspection for K-12 educational facilities) and as an American Concrete Institute certified Concrete Technician. His varied experience in architecture, construction management and construction inspection makes for a balanced approach when reviewing plans for constructability. Besides educational facilities, Deryl’s experience includes various federal and county institutional projects, healthcare facilities and office buildings.

Steven Shepherd, Architect

A registered architect in California, Hawaii and Washington with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona, Steven’s practice always included development of integration concepts for all the engineering disciplines with his own architectural designs. This provided the perfect segue into providing interdisciplinary coordination reviews – his specialty. Steven’s background includes a variety of institutional projects – educational and other governmental facilities – along with numerous high end residential, retail and commercial facilities.

Richard Villegas, Architect

A registered architect in California with a BS in Architecture from the University of Hawaii, Moana, Rick’s talent for analyzing construction documents for coordination between and within disciplines combined with early use of CAD (since 1984) and 3-D modeling programs maximizes his ability to track down those pesky “computer errors” so prevalent in drawings today. His extensive experience as a specification writer is vital to the process of verifying coordination between the drawings and the specifications. Rick’s background includes a variety of project types for both the public and private sectors.

David Buehrer, Architectural Plans Examiner

With a Bachelor of Architecture from NewSchool of Architecture and Design, a private institution in San Diego CA, and his undergraduate thesis on General Hospital Design, David has spent almost his entire career involved with the healthcare industry. From design and construction documents to complex agency coordination to a stint as a hospital owner’s in-house project manager, he’s seen it all. As PC Associates hospital and healthcare expert, David understands the complexities involved in the delivery of the fast paced and ever changing medical care industry.

Michael Mills, Architectural Plans Examiner

With a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Mike provides valuable “in the trenches” insights from decades of construction document production on a variety of project types. Learning from the school of hard knocks, he has cultivated an understanding of the critical importance of the interrelationship between the different disciplines to the success of a project. Mike’s experience enables him to review a set of plans and specifications and to deliver a comprehensive evaluation.

Bruce Williams, Chief Inspector

Certified by the California Division of the State Architect (DSA) as a Class 1 Inspector of Record (IOR), Bruce oversees all inspection services for PC Associates and has provided full time inspection at educational facilities since 2000. His classification is the highest available and allows him to inspect “buildings or additions of 2,000 square feet or greater that utilize materials other than wood-frame shear walls (for example: masonry/concrete shear walls, steel brace frames, concrete, or steel moment-resisting frames) as the primary lateral load-resisting system.“ When projects require additional IORs, Bruce uses his extensive network to find the right inspector that both suits our client’s needs and PC Associates’ high standards.